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Honduran and North American schools partner to prepare our youth to thrive in a modern world.

About Us


Sister Schools connect schools from around the world with each other through the internet using SKYPE, ZOOM, Google Hangouts, etc. Sister School connections link schools and teachers together by supporting, strengthening and supplementing course content. What better way to learn about the rain forest than to have a class speak live with students who live in the rain forest? What better way to learn a language than to have students speak face to face with native speaking peer?


We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why most of our educators have achieved an advanced degree in their field. Our instructors are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their seminars and courses.

The concept of Global Sister Schools  began as the result of a USA high school's engineering class field trip to Honduras. On this trip they served a community that was in a state of celebration, as they championed the graduation of their very first high school student (in the history of their community)! This was an eye opening discovery.

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Level 1


Classrooms at this level will intimately connect schools on the same or similar time zones with a single or a small number of classrooms through regular web-based video connections. This could occur daily opening teachers’ classroom globally. The benefits of a daily/regular connection:

  • Allows students to learn in a global setting
  • Makes students aware of global issues
  • Students are immersed in others' culture
  • Students will become culturally literate
  • Students will break down cultural and racial barriers
  • Students will build great friendships around the world

Level 2


This level allows teachers and classrooms that cannot connect daily but would like to get involved in specific lessons and or topics. 

Level 3


Teachers from around the world can connect their lessons and students through a video library. Teachers can record their lessons and upload them to the website creating a course specific library. This level is available for the teachers who are in vastly different time zones or those who have limited internet bandwidth etc.


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